I live, work and play 13830342-7.jpgin the Jaffray area and I care about my community. Your success in selling your home is my success!  The South Country is a tough market, the properties are unique and pricing can be difficult.  It’s a huge geographical area, and each neighborhood: Wardner, Bullriver, Jaffray, Baynes , Tie and Rosen Lake, have their own unique markets.   I am the resident expert in the South Country. I know what’s happening in the market. I can you help you determine a fair asking price for your property.

Through my Marketing Plan, I will help you identify and market the key selling features, which will showcase your property. I will advise you on home renovations and improvements that may command a higher asking price. I will help you reduce your liability as a seller by determining what you need to disclose to a potential buyer, without underselling your home. Rural properties can be a bit more complex, as they often have wells, and septic, and may have different types of zoning such as ALR. You are also protected with my errors and omissions insurance.

As your Agent, my job is to guide you through the selling process, help you get the best price for your property and minimize your risk in doing so. Being a long term local resident,  I have a huge networking base, and what this means for you as a Seller, is that I may have a cache of clients (buyers) that I have been working with, looking for the perfect property… a property just like yours.  These buyers are qualified and ready to make their move. I also have an excellent working relationship with the other agents in the East Kootenay’s, who have their own list of buyers. Exposure and Networking is a huge part of selling your property.

Sellers, there are no upfront fees.  Advice concerning pricing, marketing, screening of clients and the showing of your property, plus the mountain load of paperwork is all included.  And you don’t pay until you sell!    My office is centrally located in Jaffray in a high traffic area. I’m 5 minutes away.

Selling a property is a once or twice in a lifetime event, and is one of your BIGGEST financial assets.  It is important to work with someone that you like, that you trust and that you know will have your back!   It is also important to work with someone who is an expert in their field. Selling a property is an involved process physically and emotionally!  From staging and marketing your property, to showings, to negotiating fair price and terms, and finalizing the paperwork, it often goes hand in hand with major   “life events”:   divorce, death, career change, and aging. The whole process can be very stressful and overwhelming. Let me be your trusted advisor and guide you through the process. I can make it easier for you.  Let me help you.