Meet Carrie “The Professional”

My speciality is the rural and recreational properties in the East Kootenays – Elko, Jaffray, Tie and Rosen Lake, Baynes Lake, Koocanusa, Wardner, Mayook, Bullriver, Fort Steele, Wasa, and all the other hidden little gems that lie between Fernie and Cranbrook.

I’m a long time East Kootenay Resident, born and raised in Fernie, currently residing in sunny Jaffray, and based out of “Key City” Cranbrook, and I have extensive knowledge of the East Kootenay Area. I’m also the owner and operator, going into the 17th year of Rocky Mountain High Outdoor Adventures Ltd., a recreational based business, with my husband, Marty. I am a mother of two, Devon and Brooke.

I’ve lived and worked in the East Kootenays for over 35 years, except for a brief stint while attending the University of Calgary, for a commerce degree, majoring in marketing.  I became licensed to sell real estate in 2005.  I’m very motivated and goal orientated, and I like to be busy.  Experience running my own business, advanced education, and my professional disposition make me a realtor you can trust to look after your best interests.

I love real estate because it is challenging, every deal and situation is different, which makes it interesting too!  I love the types of property that I sell in the rural and recreational area; each property is so unique and has something special to offer.  I love the Kootenay area, and the lifestyle it offers, and I am proud to share it with you.



  • Royal LePage 2008/2010/2012 Platinum (Top 5%)


  • Royal LePage Gold 2009 (Top 10%)


  • Royal LePage 2007 & 2011 Master of Sales (Top 20%)
  • KREB MLS ® Silver Club (Top 20%)  2008, 2010, 2012
  • KREB MLS ® Bronze Club (Top 30% ) 2009, 2011

Key To Success

I believe the key to success is hard work, timing, and a little bit of luck. It’s the magic formula, and can be applied to all aspects of life:  schooling, relationships, family, marriage, careers, businesses, and real estate. Because our environment is ever changing, we must also be able to adapt, but the formula never changes:  hard work, timing and luck.

Meet Carrie “The Personal Side”

Carrie Lightburn:  mother, sister, daughter, wife, entrepreneur and realtor; not necessarily in that order.

Here are some more facts and things you might like to know about me:

  • A Spring baby, my zodiac sign is Taurus or the Bull:  known for stability, loyalty and determination.  Bulls want to get the job done!
  • I graduated from Fernie Secondary High School back in the day, when the old miner houses in the annex were selling for about $60,000 and you could buy a city lot for $12,000.
  • I ran the Rock N’ Roll ½ marathon in Vegas to celebrate my 40th birthday.  When I started training I couldn’t even run the length of two power poles without losing my breath.
  • My husband bought me a NIKE running watch for Christmas last year, and  I have I since logged over 1000 km’s.
  • As part of my tourist based business I own 21 + horses & mules, but am afraid of them and really don’t like to ride.
  • As a summer student, I used to work at the coal mines in Sparwood as a truck driver.  86 Tonne coal and rock haul.
  • I am afraid of the dark, hate flying, but I love to travel.
  • I have climbed and hiked the following:  Fisher Peak, Three Sisters, First Peak, Silver Springs, Bull Mountain, Mt. Fernie, Hosmer Mountain (home of the Ghostrider), Baldy Mountain, but I am afraid of heights.
  • My personal habits:  I’m always late (even when I am ready), I’m a night owl ( I seldom go to bed before 11:30), I’m a  book worm ( I read every day), I’m a  workaholic (I work every day), and I’m bit of a junk food junkie .
  • My favorites:  red (the color and wine ;)) coffee (Starbucks, not Timmy’s), afternoon power naps, shopping, shoes, and jewellery, I love to laugh, and sleep in.
  • Most important traits:  common sense, honesty and reliability.
  • Favorite all time movie:  Forest Gump.
  • Favorite Book:  World without End – Ken Follett.
  • Favorite TV series:  The Game of Thrones.
  • Favorite artist:  P!nk
  • I am a bit of a “foodie”.  I like cooking and trying out new recipes on friends and family.
  • I like cross-country skiing (favorite place – Tie Lake), yoga, downhill skiing (fair-weather skier though), reading, running, and can be a bit of a “gamer”.
  • What I love most about Fernie – there is no place on Earth more beautiful than Fernie on a hot summer day.  Great Scenery, Lots to do, Quaint little shops, Good food, it’s where I grew up.   And in my heart it’s my hometown!
  • What I love most about Jaffray – THE SUNSHINE, the long sunny days, and the mild winters.
  • What I love most about Cranbrook – It’s the Key City!